Strange B4148WC2 Pro Series II Front Brake Kit Soft Pads (2005-2014 Mustang)

  • $ 815.00

Strange Engineering Pro Series II Front Brake Kit for Ford 205-2014 Mustang. 2pc floating rotor reduces warping for better high speed braking. Soft Metallic Pads are great for cold holding power at the track.

Fits Ford 2005-2014 Mustang S197

Reuses OEM Hubs. Uses factory disc brake spindles

Kit Includes:
- Two Piece Floating Slotted Steel Rotors - The floating rotor design allows for axial and radial growth of rotor as temperature increases, which greatly reduces warping and coning tendencies. In addition, the design eliminates bolts to attach the hat and rotor, which can become loose, require safety wire and require assembly. Stainless steel is typically known to be corrosion resistant, but it’s main purpose here is the superior strength it provides at elevated temperatures. Thermal stress relieving further improves material stability resulting in high speed braking ability, without the concerns of warping or distortion.

- Four Piston Aluminum Directional Calipers - Aluminum bodies drastically reduce weight. Directional calipers allow pad loading and wear to be balanced against the natural changing temperatures across the pad face. Coupled with superior Strange caliper bridge-bolt strength, the dissimilar piston sizes allow for optimum braking, feel, and more consistent pad wear. The caliper also features anti-rattle clips and stainless steel pistons

- Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounts - One piece design eliminates spacers and bolts that require periodic maintenance

- Soft Metallic Brake Pads - Provides the best starting-line cold holding power. Recommended for vehicles going 150 MPH or less in the 1/4 mile.

NOTE: Hubs, studs, bearings, seals, brake hoses, and brake lines are NOT INCLUDED. Calipers are tapped 1/8" NPT and supplied w/male 3 AN fittings.