HPP Custom Lifetime Dyno Tune

  • $ 800.00

** ATTENTION **If you purchase the tune online, we will contact you and schedule a date for you. If you want to know the exact date before purchasing, please reach out to us via e-mail office@hppracing.com

Come to HPP & get a custom dyno tune/street tune made just for your vehicle!

It is easy for a tuner to get a car to drive full throttle down a track but it's a completely different beast to get a vehicle to perform on both the track & picking up your kids after school then heading to the grocery store. Here at HPP we have perfected tuning after twenty years of experience. Every day we strive to better ourselves & have gone from a backyard barn to having two dynos in house & offer custom tuning for Fords, Chevrolets & MOPAR! 

All tunes are lifetime tunes (as long as you own the vehicle). Any re-tunes will just be dyno time ($180/hr) & it typically just takes us 1-2 hrs to complete the process.

Any off the dyno changes are free. This include tire size changes, shift point changes, or any other changes that do not require your vehicle to be put back on the dyno. 

We stay incredibly busy year round between running the shop and getting to the races. That being said, we will do our best to fit you in on the schedule at the soonest possible date & charge a $100 deposit to get scheduled on the dyno but it's not a fee & will go towards your tune price. Just call us at 972-395-9844 to schedule your tune today!

If you have any questions or want to book your tune appointment, please contact us at "office@hppracing.com" or call us at 972-395-9844

**Note we do not have any preloaded tunes. You will have to bring your car to the shop**