Procharger - (2018+) Mustang GT P1SC-1 High Output Tuner Kit (1FW604-SCI)

  • $ 7,026.10

NOTE: Tuner kits DO NOT include fueling or tune components.

Procharger is first to market with a supercharger kit for the new 2018 Mustang GT. Thanks to the highly efficient supercharger compressor design and very effective, air-to-air intercooler system, Procharger produces the largest power gains in the industry. This shared drive High Output tuner kit designed for the 2018 GT installs in as little as 6 hours with common hand tools. Procharger horsepower increases are delivered with maximum reliability and everyday drivability and features a main bracket that can accomodate a modula approach to power gains, allowing for a straightforward upgrade path to larger compressors. 

- Shared 6-rib drive system, with maximum belt wrap
- Belt can be changed without removing supercharger
- Pulleys can be changed without removing supercharger
- No cutting of radiator hoses
- No cutting or modifications to cooling fan
- 100% reversible
- Large cold air inlet
- Large air-to-air intercooler