McLeod - (2015-17) Shelby GT350 RXT1200 Twin Disc Clutch Kit w/Aluminum Flywheel

  • $ 1,999.00

A Lethal Performance Exclusive!

Now available only from Lethal Performance is the McLeod RXT1200 clutch kit for the Shelby GT350 and GT350R! These clutches are 5.2L Voodoo specific and come balanced for proper harmonics with the flat plane crankshaft.

Developed for our Avalanche Grey GT350, our testing benefits you! We installed a nitrous kit on our car when it was stock, were able to be the first 10 second GT350, but experienced a slipping clutch with the added power and torque. Now with the 2.9L Whipple and making 819 rwhp, the need for a clutch is higher than before. That's when Lethal Performance and McLeod Racing teamed up to bring this beauty to life, the RXT1200. Capable of handling 1200 hp while delivering near stock like driveability.

These kits come complete with aluminum flywheel, two ceramic lined clutch discs and heavy duty pressure plate. They are built at factory height so they work with all of the OEM clutch linkages and hydraulic components. Even being a HD twin disc clutch, this assembly weighs the same as the OEM single disc clutch and flywheel.

So, if your Shelby GT350 or GT350R is making serious power, contact Lethal Performance to order your RXT1200 clutch today!