ON3 - 2010-14 Camaro Turbo System – LS2 / LS3 / LSX – (Automatics require custom work*)

  • $ 2,457.00

Up until this point we have directed a lot of our attention to the Mustang market and all along seen the potential of the LSx platform. We have also designed two turbo systems for the 1998 – 2002 LS1 F-Body, check our site for those kits as well. After getting the 2010 Camaro delivered to our shop, it didn’t take long to layout and design the newest and first GM application that we will be offering. This kit is set to be released by the end of May 2012.

As for our kit design, we started by building a hotside that would merge together on the driverside and hold one of our 70mm On 3 Performance turbochargers. This is the same turbocharger that’s been on our shop 2002 Mustang GT for the last 4 years and has been daily driven since then. We have put over 20,000 miles on that car and the turbo has proven the test of time and put through a ton of abuse. We use this turbo in almost all of our kits and will have no problem supporting up to around 650rwhp on this application. We do also have the On 3 Performance 76mm turbocharger available for this kit as well and you can find in the optional items down the page. Directing the gas out of the turbo is a single 3” downpipe built to merge into the factory exhaust just behind the transmission. All of the exhaust connections are v-banded and we supply 1 lap-band to attach the downpipe to the factory exhaust. That way its all a simple bolt on without welding that anyone semi-mechanically inclined will have no problem installing.

Moving on to the cold side of the kit, we have built a 3” charge pipe that feeds the intercooler and coming out of the intercooler to the throttle body transitions into 3.5”. Each kit comes with our crossflow 3” On 3 Performance bar and plate intercooler. We also have a 4” core that is available as well and listed under our optional items if you plan on maxing out your shortblock or if you have a built motor going for higher boost levels. Our 5 ply On 3 Performance silicone couplers connect each intercooler pipe together and t-bolt clamps ensure maximum clamping force and prevent any intercooler pipes from blowing. Each pipe is bead rolled on both ends to add extra protection from losing a pipe under boost. On to mounting your intercooler, we supply you CNC laser cut and formed mounting brackets to hold the intercooler in place

This is a bolt on system which is going to allow for a straight forward install. We include an instruction package with the kit that will detail the install and have photos to help those visually see how it goes together.



HPP = We have installed this kit on various automatics since this kit has come out. It does require some exhaust work to make it fit. We recommend doing a DOD delete kit. The crossover & downpipe will require some work to make it fit on an automatic. On manuals, the kit is not hard to install & will fit. We will be glad to answer any questions you have, just e-mail us "office@hppracing.com" or give us a call 972-395-9844

ON3 = On a daily basis we are asked about the kit fitting automatic cars or why does it only fit manual cars.  We designed this car on a 6sp car and the crossover from the pass. side manifold to the turbo manifold crosses under the transmissions.  We could not calculate for the automatic transmission pan when designing the kit.  This is not to say it will not work but if you HAVE and automatic transmission car, you would need to modify the crossover at least to make it clear and go under the transmission.  This is not a service we can provide, this is completely up to the end user



  • On 3 Performance Custom 304ss Driverside Side Turbo Manifold, T-4 Flanged
  • 2.5” 304ss 2.75mm Wall Crossover Pipe
  • On 3 Performance 3” Stainless Downpipe (Pre-welded for wideband)
  • V-band Clamps For Each Exhaust Connection


  • Driver side Tubing From Turbo To Intercooler and Intercooler to Throttle Body
  • On 3 Performance 5 ply Custom Silicone Coupler Kit
  • All T-bolt Clamps For Couplers
  • On 3 Performance Bar & Plate Crossflow Front Mount Intercooler

Kit Contents

  • On 3 Performance 78mm Turbocharger (78/75), .80ar Cold, .96ar Exhaust Housing **Now Standard!!!!
  • On 3 Performance 44mm V-band Wastegate
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • On 3 Performance Custom Oil Feed Lines / Drain Kit
  • Custom Laser Formed Intercooler Mounts
  • Vacuum Line For Wastegates
  • Vacuum Line For Blow Off Valve
  • Hardware Kit
  • Instruction CD w/ Photos