Nitrous Express - 6.4L HEMI Nitrous Kit - Plate System

  • $ 890.43

The Nitrous Express HEMI Plate System includes a billet aluminum nitrous plate that fits between the throttle body and intake manifold making installation quick, easy, and attractive. You must select a bottle option. This system includes, Pro Power Lightning series billet aluminum and carbon fiber solenoids, 24in SHO braided stainless lines from solenoid to plate, master arming switch, TPS activated WOT module (for use with fly by wire throttle bodies), as well as every nut, bolt and electrical connector needed to complete the installation. This system includes jetting for 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 400hp.

This system is configured as a single stage system by default with 50-400hp jetting.

Add Part #NX933D to this system to make it a dual stage system.

This system includes the latest technology and the best components available. NX Lightning solenoids feature an improved flow path that eliminates sharp turns and expansion areas in the nitrous flow path. This keeps the nitrous in dense liquid form which makes more power on less nitrous. Lightning nitrous solenoids feature an integrated purge port which allows you to connect a purge valve directly to the body of the nitrous solenoid for clean looks and less plumbing. Lightning Series solenoids feature CNC aluminum bodies topped with Carbon Fiber cans for the ultimate in weight savings.
Fits: 6.4L HEMI Engine