American Racing Headers - 2014-2015 Camaro Z28 2014-2015 Long System

  • $ 3,779.99

The baddest road course car in the land needs the baddest exhaust system to match. Our Z28 long system will meet and exceed your expectations in quality and performance, we assure you. It's designed to allow you to reuse your factory mufflers with a simple mark and cut. (NO WELDING REQUIRED)

With options up to 2 inches, each primary tube is sized for the individual engine output to generate the greatest horsepower with the least amount of compromise created by tight engine bay parameters. Efficient flowing, state-of-the-art merge collectors that are tuned for HP and torque maximization are used in each application. Each header design has been tested in the extreme to ensure it delivers the performance gains we promise and you'd expect. It simply doesn't get better.

Attn. All ARH products are exclusively manufactured for racing purposes. Installing these products on any vehicle eliminates the legal use, in any capacity, on public roads/highways and may be subject to fines and/or criminal liability as per the Clean Air Act.

Product features on this system includes:

  1. 100% Made in the USA - Never Outsourced
  2. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel
  3. 3/8" thick laser-cut flanges for a warp-free seal
  4. Hand-ported TIG welded inlets
  5. Optimized primary tube routing for superior fit and performance
  6. Merge collectors with scavenger spikes
  7. Catted systems feature 200 cell metallic substrate catalytic converters for extreme durability