Baer 05-2014 Mustang Exteme+ 6-Piston Rear Brake System (SHELBY)

  • $ 3,895.00

Baer 05-2014 Mustang Exteme-Plus 6-Piston Rear Brake System (SHELBY)

Red Caliper with Black " Shelby" Lettering

 This system is the Shelby system and the calipers have "SHELBY" engraved on them. RED CALIPER W/BLACK SHELBY LOGO

Extreme Plus systems feature Baer's new 6 piston '6S' monoblock caliper. This new caliper features a permenant bridge across the back of the caliper and is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum providing incredible stiffness and superior braking performance. This front EXTREME-PLUS kit features:

* 2 x 14" directional two piece cross drilled/slotted/zinc washed rotors with 6061-T6 billet hats, a weight savings of approx. 5lb.

* 2 x 6-piston calipers with metallic pads.

* All of the hardware to make the swap from your stock setup.

Baer Claw EXTREME-PLUS brake systems deliver unparalleled performance, with durability exceeding the demands of the most serious enthusiasts. Equipped with Baer's 6S 6-piston MonoBlock calipers, EXTREME-PLUS systems are equally brilliant at the track, on the road, or simply as "icing" to complete your vehicles "look"!

Other manufacturers sell you the technology that they "deem appropriate for street use," keeping the latest and most sought after technology for "just a few." However, Baer lets you access all the technology necessary for the way you want to drive! Standard 6S systems are easily upgraded to 6R specifications. Both 6S and 6R employ road-going dust and weather seals and direct bolt-on upgrades for earlier Baer cast MonoBlock 6 systems.

18" or larger wheels REQUIRED, not all are suitable, check with template