Brembo - (94-04) Mustang Cobra / Mach-1 / Bullitt Front Slotted Sport Rotors

  • $ 466.99

Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors are for drivers who want to improve the looks and performance of their vehicle's original braking system without having to change additional brake components. Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as high performance street and track driving. Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors match the vehicle's Original Equipment rotor's dimensions and are fully compatible with its hubs, brake calipers and road wheels. 

Front and rear Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors are available to provide a matched appearance on all four corners of the vehicle and employ one-piece vented or solid rotors depending on the vehicle's Original Equipment specifications. Starting with select castings, Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors undergo the race-born practice of machining multiple shallow slots into the disc's front and rear surfaces to provide paths to disperse built-up heat and gasses and assist in refreshing the surface of the brake pads. Compared to cross-drilled rotors, machined slots have been widely adopted for racing and street use because they minimize the cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature brake applications. 

The slots are angled to use the rotors' direction of rotation to enhance their performance, which makes the rotors side-specific with left and right side rotors. Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors are sold in axle pairs and the easiest way to verify correct usage is to install the rotors on the side of the vehicle that results in the end of the slot nearest the outer edge of the rotor always contacting the brake pads first. Brembo Sport slotted brake rotors are coated for corrosion resistance to help eliminate rust and offer a bold, aggressive appearance to enhance the look of the vehicle's road wheels.


Vehicle Application 

SVT Cobra - 1994-04

Mach-1 2003-04

Bullitt - 2001