SCT Eliminator Switch Chip - 6600

  • $ 219.00
  • Save $ 50.99

SCT's single program and 5 program, four bank custom chips are specifically tuned for your 1987-2004 Ford car or truck by one of SCT's Custom Tuning dealers world wide! This product does not support any changes to your vehicle's emission system

  • Custom Tuning Worldwide!

    Can be custom tuned by one of SCT's Custom Tuning dealers world wide!

  • Easily switch between tune files

    Easily switch between custom tunes using the optional Dial Selector.

  • Installs in minutes

    Installation only takes 10-15 minutes with standard hand tools.

  • Mountable Switch Panel

    Mountable switch panel for easy access to switching tune files.

  • Perfect for Nitrous or Towing Applications

    Perfect for Nitrous or Towing Applications. Switch tunes on the fly or at the track.

  • Save on fuel costs

    Easily switch between different octane tune files to save on fuel costs or switch to a custom fuel economy tune on longer trips!

  • Single or Multi-Program Chip

    Available as a single or multi-program switch chip

  • Vehicle Anti-theft mode built-in

    Built In Anti Theft Selection that disables PCM and prevents the vehicle from starting