Ford Performance - (2015-18) Shelby GT350 OEM Rear Brake Rotor (Left or Right)

  • $ 266.00

Ford OEM brake rotor from the Shelby GT350. Constructed of an iron disc that is drilled to allow brake gases to escape and a cast aluminum hat for reduced unsprung weight. Using a cast aluminum hat helps to reduce heat conduction which increases life of the wheel bearings. These rotors also feature an integrated brake drum for the emergency brake.

New OEM Shelby GT350 rotors are perfect for the GT350 track enthusiast where an extra set of rotors are recommended so that you do not warp or crack the rotors that you drive on every day or if you happen to need another set of rotors to keep your track day going.

  • Drilled discs
  • Light weight aluminum hat
  • 15" diameter
  • Quality OEM
  • Fits Left or Right side