JMS - PowerMAX V2 FuelMAX Fuel Pump Voltage Booster; Universal Single Output - P2000

  • $ 399.00

More Fuel, More Power. FuelMAX features exclusive JMS digital technology that provides up to an 85% increase in fuel delivery from your OEM fuel pump. Providing the highest continuous voltage and amperage output without the noise, safely supporting up to 1000hp, this plug and play installation connects directly to your fuel pump driver module and activates via monitoring the pedal position sensor, minimizing install time. User-adjustable voltage ramp-in/ramp-out rate allows for the elimination of fuel pressure spikes for maximum control. FuelMAX kits are shipped complete with everything you need for installation and are compatible with all 12- and 16-volt battery systems.

Sturdy Construction and Adjustable Design. This voltage booster enables you to regulate your fuel pump’s voltage output from 14.4V to 22V at its maximum, so fuel is delivered to your engine more freely. What’s more, this device also lets you adjust the voltage ramp in and ramp out rate to eliminate fuel pressure spikes. Meanwhile, the unit itself is constructed from high-grade ally and features a heat sink integrated into its structure. This design ensures you get a unit that can take the stresses of high-performance scenarios.

Convenient Install Procedure. This fuel pump voltage booster is designed to mount into your Mustang’s trunk with some minor drilling. You will also need to splice the included harness into your fuel pump’s DC feed wire. Apart from these steps, installation is a relatively convenient procedure that doesn’t need any major modifications or disassembly to your vehicle.

Comes with a 1-year Limited Warranty. This FuelMAX fuel pump voltage booster comes with a 1-year limited warranty covering factory defects. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for more details.

Application. The PowerMAX V2 FuelMAX Universal Single Output Fuel Pump Voltage Booster fits all 1986-2021 Mustang.

Fits 1986+ Mustang / F150