• $ 5,599.00

This is a Kenne Bell Air-to-Air Intercooled Supercharger System with a Black Powdercoated Mammoth 2.8L Twin Screw head unit and stock 6 rib pulley setup for the 2013-2014 Ford Shelby GT500 5.8L which will add 337+ of rear wheel horsepower! This system is 100% complete, including a Mammoth 5" Gimme 5 Inlet System, filter, meter, polished ram air pipe, TB coupler, dual 75 throttle body, flash tuner, and a 1000hp rated dual Boost-A-Pump. The tuning is for stock vehicles or those with a catback only, just bolt on and drive! If you have other modifications such as headers, midpipe, camshaft, etc. then look at the "TUNER" kit instead. Finished kits available Polished or Black Powdercoated with black supercharger and drive unless otherwise mentioned in the details.


Horsepower gain: 337+
Mammoth 2.8L billet twin screw supercharger head unit, satin finish
93mm Real Cool Air Kit. Up to 41° cooler oil temps.
Bigger and more is better. 20% larger Kenne Bell Hi Density Intercooler concept uses 30% more cooling rows and fins for increased cooling efficiency
Dual 75 Throttle Body
Belt Drive System: Stock 6 rib
Fuel Pump Booster Supplied: 1000hp Rated Dual BOOST-A-PUMP
Fuel Injectors Supplied: NONE Supplied
Computer/Ignition Mods.: Flash Tune Supplied
System is 100% complete with OEM quality and appearance
50 State Carb Legal
No Internal Modifications Required

• Largest displacement 3L and 4L billet Twin Screws.
• 4x6 lobe rotors vs. 3x5 and 4x4 for competition
• Patented Liquid Cooled for cooler air charge / oil temps, higher RPM, boost and HP.
• Patented Spring Bypass
• Patented SPE (Seal Pressure Equalizer) for longer seal life. Also protects bearings from alcohol injection.
• Highest cfm inlet (Gimme 5). 2073 cfm vs 1850 (best competition)
• Largest/highest cfm Shelby throttle bodies available
• Largest Inlet Manifolds (168MM X 79MM vs 148MM x 66MM)
• Lowest PC (engine HP required to drive supercharger)
• All billet construction for durability
• Industry leading 2000HP rated Hi Density Intercooler (optional)
• Liquid Cooled 3.2 fits under stock hood*. No new hood or "Body Lift-Engine Lowering Kit" required.
• Most flexible kit design. Easy to “step up” for racing or “dial down” for street with easy pulley change or Kenne Bell bolt ons.
• Largest 168mm Manifold for most HP, lowest parasitic losses and coolest air charge.
• Standard “Mammoth” 168mm Inlet Manifold accepts exclusive Kenne Bell Dual 75mm or 168mm Mammoth 2150 and 2350 Throttle Bodies.
• Kenne Bell designed Dual 75mm Throttle Body (+26-74HP low restriction meter/filter (48-63HP). Eliminates “mixing and matching” parts from others. 168mm is up to 40 more at higher HP levels.
• BIG BORE™ 2.8, 3.2, 3.6, 4.2, 4.7 (2.0 PR).
• Billet anodized or polished case vs. painted cast aluminum.
• Largest selection (3.2, 3.6, 4.2, 4.7)
• Kenne Bell Flash Tuner included with each kit.
• Exclusive Kenne Bell Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™ included with all kits. Larger pumps, fuel rails, lines etc. not required up to 1000HP.
• Smog Legal. EGR etc. not removed.
• Tested by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords and 5.0 Mustang Magazine.
• Quick easy install.
• Complete kit. No cobbling together a grab bag of parts and then paying a tuner to make it all work.

12 Month warranty direct from KB