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This is a Kenne Bell Air-to-Water & Liquid Cooled Supercharger System with a Polished Mammoth 4.9LC Twin Screw head unit and 8 or 10 rib pulley setup for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L which has the capability to add over 450+ rear wheel horsepower on 15-38 psi of boost, depending on your custom tuning. These kits include the liquid cooled head unit in addition to the Air-to-Water intercooler. This system uses the same intercooler fluid to cool the internal bearings and shaft of the supercharger, a feature of Kenne Bell superchargers that is unique in the industry. This is the tuner kit which will require a custom tune done locally after you install the kit, and does not include a fuel system, programmer, or tuning. The 4.9 liter blower is available Polished or Black Polish Powdercoated with for the supercharger and drive.


These supercharger kits are the most complete available, including everything needed for installation. This includes all mounting brackets for the blower, pullies, belts, intercooler, all the tubing, piping, fittings and clamps and even oil for the self contained lubricating system. You do not need to make any major modifications or purchase special tools or other parts. Many customers install in their garage or driveway over a weekend.

Horsepower gain: 450+
Mammoth 4.9LC billet twin screw supercharger head unit, polish or black finish, 15-38 psi
Huge 168mm throttle body
Patented Liquid Cooling. Cooler air charge. Up to 100° cooler oil temps
Bigger and more is better. 20% larger Kenne Bell Hi Density Intercooler concept uses 30% more cooling rows and fins for increased cooling efficiency
Mammoth 4.5" Cold Air Kit Included
Billet Motor Mounts
Patented Billet External Spring Bypass Valve
Belt Drive System: 8 or 10 rib
Fuel Pump Booster Supplied: NONE Supplied
Fuel Injectors Supplied: NONE Supplied
Computer/Ignition Mods.: NONE Supplied
System is 100% complete with OEM quality and appearance
No Internal Modifications Required

• Cool air kit included.
• BIGUN Hi Density 1700HP intercooler.
• Huge heat exchanger.
• Highest HP potential (up to 1700HP).
• Largest displacement (2.8L, 3.6L, 4.2L, 4.7L, 4.9L).
• Hard black anodized or polished bulletproof billet.
• Tuner Kits, Off Road Kits and Street Rod Kits also available.
• Up to 100HP lower parasitic losses = more engine HP at same boost.
• Most powerful, efficient and technically advanced kits.
• Mammoth™ 4.5”x4’ long “Ram Air Pipe” to maximize air flow and ram effect.
• Patented Liquid Cooling. Cooler air charge. Up to 100° cooler oil temps.
• 4.5” MAF meter built into Ram Air Pipe. No more restrictive small factory MAFs.
• Patented Seal Pressure Equalizer reduces seal friction, wear and HP drag.
• Billet 2.8L, 3.6L, 4.2L, 4.7L, 4.9L Twin Screw vs. others 2.3L Roots style rotors and cast case.
• More low and mid range boost/HP than centrifugals with unsurpassed high RPM HP.
• Chassis dyno tested with the hood CLOSED - the way it’s driven - not OPEN as with others.
• Show quality polished. No off color paint or coatings to crack, peel, chip, discolor or seal in heat.
• Proven KB crank drive concept. No grinding of front cover reg'd.
* Lower parasitic loss and cooler air charge at the same cfm and boost – than competitions 2.9 3x5 rotors.
• New more efficient 4x6 rotor profiles. Others use 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 or less efficient twin screw 3x5 lobe rotors.
• Eliminates power robbing jackshaft, extra bearings, gears, pulleys, and small restictive front inlet manifold.
• Retro “External” 60’s style Cool Air Kit w/ filter behind front bumper (no underhood hot air filter to rob 30HP).
• Exposed top mount supercharger runs cooler. Not entombed in intake runners, intercooler and engine covers.
• Developed and test proven on “one of a kind” high HP supercharger dyno, engine chassis dyno and flow bench.
• Includes Billet Motor Mounts '13-'16 (optional '11-12). Replaces stock mushy mounts and stabilizes drive train.

* 2.8 vs. 2.9 tests run with same pulley size. PC (power consumption) and DC (discharge temps) were lower with 2.8.

12 Month warranty direct from KB

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