Kenne Bell - COBRA '03-'04 MAMMOTH® TUNER KITS 2.8, 3.2

  • $ 5,299.00

Largest Displacement – Most Powerful Billet Twin Screw Kits*
Tested By 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords and Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine


Up to 744 RWHP (23psi) vs. stock 378HP with stock cats, MAF meter, throttle body and injectors from ONLY a Kenne Bell Supercharger Upgrade kit, Cobra Cool Air Kit and cat back.


Since 2003, no other performance product has created more excitement for Cobra owners than the shrill billet whine of a Kenne Bell Twin Screw. Up to 378HP more HP over stock (744-366=378HP). Our most popular Street Kits. Huge HP potential. Plenty of room to grow. Best $/HP value. Far more HP than porting Eaton, headers, heads, cams, x pipe. Big bad billet BIG BORE™ H Series uses less engine HP to drive than OEM Eaton (up to 85HP) and 56HP less than other Twin Screws (2.6, 2.8, 3.0L). That means more HP to the rear wheels. +70HP over Eaton at a mere 13 psi (+38 from parasitic loss only).

Also 30° cooler air charge temp than other Twin Screws. Boost won’t drop off or is limited to 13 psi. Range of 9-18 psi on the street and up to 24 psi for weekend competition with only pulley change. 744HP at 23 psi on a 100% stock engine (no headers, heads or cams) thru the cats with just a cat back and Kenne Bell Cool Air Kit.

Uses stock crank pulley. No oversize expensive crank pulley required for higher boost. And it fits under the stock hood. Only a Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP™ is needed for 700HP. No larger pumps, lines, rails, injectors necessary. After 700HP, upgrade the fuel system.



 INSTANT BOOST / TORQUE at ANY rpm – 2500 up.
 Direct bolt on replacement. Easily installed.
 More power, cooler charge temp, less power consumption/parasitic loss than stock Eaton.
 90% efficiency.
 Approx. 15 HP per 1 psi boost.
 30% less parasitic loss and 30% lower air charge temp at same HP.
 +70HP gain at 13 psi (489 vs 417).
 Best $ value bolt on. More power than headers, cam, throttle body, MAF meter, chip and filter COMBINED.
 38HP at 13 psi just from reduced power consumption.
 No “boost drop off” (stock Eaton is 13 psi @ 4000 and only 10.5 psi @ 6000).
 No “boost lag” as with centrifugals and turbos.
 Quick and easy 4 minute pulley/boost changes.
 Boost range 9*- 26 psi.
 Billet aluminum construction.
 Whisper quiet.
 Billet bypass valve.
 Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in pan required.
 Doesn’t use engine oil.
 Looks factory.
 Available polished or black satin.
 Stock “dual” or Kenne Bell “Big Oval” inlet manifolds available (optional).

The most popular kit for the “stock” engine Cobra. All the boost (11.5-24 psi) the engine will handle. Huge gains over stock Eaton. Great kit for 11.5-18 street and 18-24 weekend drags with racing fuel. Complete kit. Gaskets included.

Same features as 2.6 but better choice for modified engines as heads, headers, exhaust and stroker kits reduce boost, .75″ longer case for higher boost/HP capacity. 2.5 psi more boost with same pulley size vs. 2.6L. Minimum boost is 14.5 with stock crank pulley. Max 26 psi.

2.8, 3.2LC MAMMOTH
The “King of Twin Screw Kits.” For those who want maximum HP potential from a Twin Screw Kit.

Same as 2.8 Mammoth only Liquid Cooled


largest Displacement – Most Powerful Billet Twin Screw Kits*

MAMMOTH 2.8, 3.2 -ADD UP TO 408HP

Up to 774 RWHP vs. stock 366HP with only the MAMMOTH™ 2.8 Kit on a 100% stock engine. Through the cats. No headers, x pipe, heads, cams, NOS, etc. Only a cat back and a Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP™. Requires fuel system upgrade at 700HP (See MAMMOTH™ Kits.
Up to 119 more HP than even our 2.6 Kit (774 vs. 655HP). Recommended for those looking for the ultimate supercharger with the highest HP potential that will fit under the stock hood. All the features of the 2.6H but engineered to simply flow more air and make more HP than the competition

Kit features the latest breakthrough Kenne Bell technology e.g. 2.8LC, 3.2LC Series (up to 56 more HP and 30° cooler air charge temp than other Twin Screws) coupled to the new over the top MAMMOTH™ Inlet System that leaves the competition gasping for air. The MAMMOTH™ 2.8 may cost more, but comes standard with COMPLETE CAK, 4-1/2” Filter, 4-1/2” Ram Tube, 4-1/2” Integral Meter, Dual 75mm Throttle Body (industry’s largest) and the MAMMOTH™ Inlet Manifold with billet engraved identity plaques. Not a cobbled together – hope it works grab bag inlet system. The secret to the incredible HP potential (1100 HP rated) is the COMBINATION of supercharger and inlet system. Higher HP levels demand a larger inlet tract. That would be a no brainer. Any one inlet component that is restrictive (manifold, throttle body, ducts, meter or filter) will limit and kill HP and the higher air flow demanded by the supercharger.

Fits under the stock hood, but the big MAMMOTH™ Manifold and larger 2.8 decrease hood clearance limiting boost to minimum 18.5 psi (max for street) with the stock 7.5” crank pulley and 3-1/2” supercharger pulley. Note: Use optional 6.55” crank pulley x 3-1/2” supercharger pulley for 15 psi (see Tech & Tuning Tips ‘03 Cobra MAMMOTH™ Kit). Some cars get by with a 3-3/4x7.5” (17 psi). Check for clearance with clay. Kit includes battery relocation kit to left side. Right side fenderwell lacks the air flow capacity and space for high HP levels. Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP™ is needed at 450HP.


Same external size as the 2.8 only + 3psi boost and new larger diameter “competition profile” rotors. Up to 27psi. Available only Liquid Cooled.