Maximum Motorsports - (1996-2004) Mustang 4-Point K Member Brace

  • $ 109.00

Maximum Motorsports 96-04 Mustang 4-Point K Member Brace

* The front of the MM brace mounts to the bottom of the K-member. The rearward points of the brace mount at the K-Member-to-chassis mounting points.
* The MM K-Member Brace's design includes a structural steel web. This splits the suspension loads. Part of the load goes into the unibody at the rearward K-member to chassis mounting points, and part goes straight across the K-member to the opposite side.
* The mounting bolts for the brace attach through a structural tube. Unlike commonly used flat tabs, the suspension loads pass into the MM brace without deflecting the mounts.
* Note: 4-Point braces will not clear long-tube headers. MMKB2-2 will clear most long-tube headers.