McLeod - (2005-17) Mustang Sprung Hub RST Clutch Package (For use with Magnum XL)

  • $ 1,879.99

RST clutch package for your 05-2017 Mustang that features the McLeod Sprung Hub RST kit, McLeod Steel Flywheel (8 bolt crank only) and a Ford salve cylinder. A lot of you guys have been doing Magnum XL swaps looking for a bolt in clutch solution that will match the power capabilities of your new transmission but also give you smooth, quiet operation. McLeod makes it happen! The RST is suggested for cars that will be used for mainly cruising and light street fun and/or making up to 600rwhp.

Includes: McLeod Sprung Hub RST Clutch Kit, McLeod 8 Bolt Steel Flywheel and Ford Slave Cylinder