MGW - (1982-2004) T5/T45 - Toploader Short Throw Shifter

  • $ 199.00

Key Features:

  • Each shifter boasts the shortest throw in its class.
  • Absolutely the quietest aftermarket shifter you can buy.
  • 360° adjustability of the shift knob position means no more reaching for gears.
  • Centering springs are the strongest in their class. (No more missing 3rd gear)
  • Reduces "In Gear" slop, vibration and buzzing.
  • Fully Adjustable shifter stops to prevent broken or bent shift forks.
  • No modification of factory inner boot necessary.
  • Accepts Factory or aftermarket shift knobs with 12mm threads.
  • Class III Teflon Impregnated Hard Coat Anodized to prevent galling and grease contamination.

Our Handles are CNC Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and are mated with a high stress tempered threaded shaft exceeding grade 8 standards. You WILL NOT break these handles EVER. They are guaranteed for life!

Each shifter includes the following hardware, tools, and gasket sealant:

  • Bolts & Washers
  • Shift Stop Nuts & Washers
  • Allen Wrench
  • Permatex Gasket Sealant

T5 / T45 Mustangs 
Toploader Short Throw Shifter

Take it to the next level with MGW's interchangeable handles. Change the feel, throw and reach of your MGW shifter with a simple handle change.

All Toploader Series Short Throw Shifters for Mustangs years 1982 - 2004 are available wth three handle options:

  • Race Handle
    • Most extreme!
    • 35% Shift Reduction
  • Standard Handle
    • 30% Shift Reduction
  • Comfort Handle
    • Smoothest Throw
    • Best Reach
    • 25% Shift Reduction

Each short throw shifter includes one handle of your choice. Order additional interchangeable handles to meet the demands of your driving needs; comfort, standard, or racing.

Year Model Shifter
1982 — 2004 V6 Mustang T5 / T-45
1982 — 2001 (Early) GT Mustang T5 / T-45*
1993 — 1999 Cobra T5 / T-45
2001 — 2004 GT Mustang 3650
2001 Cobra 3650
2003 — 2004 Mach 1 3650
2001 — 2002 Bullit 3650
2003 — 2004 Cobra T-56 6 Speed

* The Mustang GT in 2001 had both the T5/T-45 and 3650 Transmissions. Check your driver's door for a sticker and look under "TR" for a "K". If you have a "K" then you have the 3650 Transmission. If not order the T5/T-45.