MGW (TR3650) - Toploader Transmission Short Throw Shifter

  • $ 199.00

Key Features:

  • Each shifter boasts the shortest throw in its class.
  • Absolutely the quietest aftermarket shifter you can buy.
  • 360° adjustability of the shift knob position means no more reaching for gears.
  • Centering springs are the strongest in their class. (No more missing 3rd gear)
  • Reduces "In Gear" slop, vibration and buzzing.
  • Fully Adjustable shifter stops to prevent broken or bent shift forks.
  • No modification of factory inner boot necessary.
  • Accepts Factory or aftermarket shift knobs with 12mm threads.
  • Class III Teflon Impregnated Hard Coat Anodized to prevent galling and grease contamination.

Our Handles are CNC Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and are mated with a high stress tempered threaded shaft exceeding grade 8 standards. You WILL NOT break these handles EVER. They are guaranteed for life!

Each shifter includes the following hardware, tools, and gasket sealant:

  • Bolts & Washers
  • Shift Stop Nuts & Washers
  • Allen Wrench
  • Permatex Gasket Sealant

TR3650 Mustangs 
Toploader Transmission Short Throw Shifter

Take it to the next level with MGW's interchangeable handles. Change the feel, throw and reach of your MGW shifter with a simple handle change.

All Toploader Series Short Throw Shifters for Mustangs years 1982 - 2004 are available wth three handle options:

  • Race Handle
    • Most extreme!
    • 35% Shift Reduction
  • Standard Handle
    • 30% Shift Reduction
  • Comfort Handle
    • Smoothest Throw
    • Best Reach
    • 25% Shift Reduction

Each short throw shifter includes one handle of your choice. Order additional interchangeable handles to meet the demands of your driving needs; comfort, standard, or racing.