On 3 Performance - 72mm Journal Bearing Turbocharger

  • $ 349.00

This is a new turbo we have added to our product line and currently only available in a t3 configuration.  Comes with a 4″ inlet anti-surge compressor cover, 2.5″ outlet and 72mm cast compressor wheel.  The exhaust wheel measures in at 68mm and has a 3″ v-band outlet.  We are only stocking this turbo in journal bearing and its in stock currently and ready to ship.  One of the first cars we decided to test this specific unit on was a 69 Camaro with a 5.3 swap and 4l80e trans.  On only a base dyno pull, we were able to make close to 550rwhp on 7psi.  This is going to be an excellent turbo option for those building an application shooing for the 450-650rwhp range.  If the journal 70mm On 3 turbo is going to not quite get you to where you want to be, this is going to be the turbo for you.  Very quick into boost, sounds amazing and performance is on point!

Cold side:

72mm IND

102 EX

Hot Side:

73mm IND

68mm EXD