On 3 Performance - 80mm CNC Billet Wheel Turbocharger T6 Stainless V-band Exhaust Housing

  • $ 1,099.00

We are proud to finally provide a large frame T6 line of turbochargers.  This has been nearly a 2 year project and we are finally stocking and ready to start filling orders.  Note, the photos show a coated compressor and exhaust housing.  This is available for $109, if you do not select this upgrade, it comes with the standard raw aluminum finish.

During the testing phase on this turbo, we had it strapped to our shops 2011 Mustang 5.0 with factory automatic transmission.  We made 933rwhp with this turbo on roughly 15psi.  This is a very efficient turbocharger with our newly developed extended tip billet wheel.  Our turbo also is unique how it comes standard with the On 3 anti-surge race cover standard.  Another great feature is how the compressor cover will allow you to either v band the outlet or use a standard coupler.  If you wanted to go with a coupler connection, you can simply just cut the v band off the end of the compressor cover!

Cold Side Details:

  • Anti Surge Compressor Cover
  • Wheel Speed Sensor Port
  • 5″ Inlet
  • 3.0″ V-Band Outlet / Hose Coupler
  • CNC Machined Billet Compressor Wheel

Exhaust Side

  • Extremely Light
  • Exhaust housing Cast From Iron
  • 96mm Turbine
  • 4.0″ V-band Outlet
  • 3.0″ V-band Inlet flange
  • 1.30ar