ON3 Performance - (1987-93) Foxbody Mustang 5.0 GT / LX / Cobra Twin Turbo System

  • $ 2,499.00

Each System Includes:

– On 3 Performance 61mm Journal Bearing Turbochargers, t4 flanged, .68ar EX (x2)

– On 3 Mild steel Tubular Turbo Headers

– On 3 44mm V-banded Wastegate (x2)

– 3 Stainless Steel Downpipe Kit

– On 3 Custom Stainless Steel H-pipe

– Custom molded Silicone Turbo Merge Coupler

– 3 Stainless Steel Cold Side Charge Pipe Kit, All Bead Rolled and Polished

– On 3 Performance 50mm V-banded Blow Off Valve

– On 3 Performance 5ply Silicone Coupler / T-bolt Kit

– Stainless V-band Exhaust Clamps / Lapband Kit

– Complete SS Braided Oil feed kit

– Billet Machined Oil Drain Plates

– Custom Push-Lock Turbo Oil Drain Kit

– On 3 Performance Oil Drain Back Reservoir

– On 3 Performance Bronze Gear Oil Scavenge Pump

– On 3 Performance Manual Boost Controller

– On 3 Performance Alternator Relocation Kit

– Hardware Kit


ON3 Performance - 

On 3 Performance has been at it again with the newest addition to the already popular 5.0 foxbody single turbo system. The new system we are releasing is a little different than what most people are used to seeing. We designed the kit around our On 3 Performance 61mm journal bearing turbos, t4 flanged, and 3 v-band downpipe exits. They are mounted in a unique fashion by low mounting in the front engine bay at a 45 degree angle. Locating the turbos here, we were able to accommodate a huge variety of turbos for any horsepower level. We will have upgrades for any size ranging from the On 3 61mm included units all the way up to the 78mm (1500hp).

This system is widely adaptable and not only good for the guy running a fully built combo with full intentions of making 1000hp. There is no reason why a factory long block 5.0 could not run this same system and make a reliable 400rwhp. That is the great thing about our twin turbo system, its just a matter of upgrading turbos, intercooler, and cranking the boost for absurd power numbers. Not to mention the drivability doesnt change on different boost levels. You can run 4psi or 20psi, if your only running around the city, it drive virtually the same.

The kit consists of tubular mild steel headers that feed forward with twin 44mm On 3 wastegates. Exiting the turbos will be 3 304ss downpipes that feed through a UPR kmember kit (kmember, a arms, coilovers required $650). This was the only way we could maintain great ground clearance and not have any low point. If you design around the stock suspension, you will end up with tubing 2 off the ground and we opted for the kmember upgrade. If you would like to add that to your purchase, just let us know at the time of checking out. Moving back from there our downpipes snake through the kmember all the way back to the existing catback system. That way you can maintain a full exhaust for a stealthy finished product or dump them at that point and be heard.

As far as accessories go, we were able to design our production twin turbo design around everything. You will still be able to put the windows up on a 90 degree summer day and keep cool. Nothing better than rolling around in a 500-1000hp street car with cold air and power steering. In order to position the turbos down low were we did, the front sway bar will have to be removed and the mount. Dont be alarmed about this though, its not a big deal and we have 3 shop cars here all without front sway bars. The cars still drive great or we would not release a product requiring the removal.

For the cold side, we developed a custom molded silicone coupler that merges both turbochargers into a single 3 charge pipe. This feeds up to our 3standard or upgraded 4 bar and plate race core intercooler ($89 fee). All hard pipes are constructed of 304ss and bead rolled. Also we include stainless steel t-bolt clamps standard to avoid any couplers from popping under boost. With each kit, we pre-weld and include our On 3 50mm v-banded blow off valve.

With the system being designed with the turbos lower than the oil pan, we had to design a oil return system to the oil pan. So standard in each kit we have a brand new system using push lock fittings and hose. We have -10 drains that will feed down to our On 3 oil reserve tank. This is designed to allow oil to accumulate in situations that the pump wouldnt be able to normally keep up with. This will allow for a longer turbo lifespan and help avoid any smoke during acceleration. From there we have an included bronze gear oil scavenge pump that will return the oil back to the pan.