Pedders 160099 Adjustable Coilover Kit Extreme XA for 2015-2020 Mustang

  • $ 1,106.36

Are you looking to add the handling performance of a track car to your S550 Mustang? If you answered yes, you should replace your original factory shocks and struts with a Pedders Extreme XA Coil Over Kit. Designed to lower your Mustangs center of gravity, these Extreme XA Coil Overs will reduce body roll for flatter cornering and superior control.

Pedders Extreme XA Coil Overs were designed to be height adjustable. Featuring a high grade steel lower mount these Coil Overs can be adjusted independently of one another to suite your personal taste. You can lower all four corners for a flat level appearance or raise the rear slightly for a classic raked look, the choice is entirely up to you.

Pedders engineered their Coil Overs to be 30 position adjustable, which allows for adjustment of both bump and rebound. You can increase the stiffness of your Coil Overs for a punishing day at the track, then soften them for a comfortable ride home. Pedders Extreme XA Coil Overs are perfect for Mustangs that pull double duty as a daily commuter and a weekend warrior.

Pedders Extreme XA Coil Overs are manufactured using a gas pressurized mono-tube design with alloy steel motorsport coil springs and high grade aluminum spring seats for enduring strength and durability. To prevent contaminants from entering the shafts and seals, these Coil Overs feature integrated dust boots. Factory style mounting brackets ensure that these Coil Overs will be a direct OEM style fit.

Features and Benefits:
Improves handling and performance
Perfect for both track and street driving
Ride height adjustable from 1" to 3" lower than stock
30 Position adjustable rebound and compression
Fully threaded mono-tube body
Gas pressurized design
Alloy Steel motorsport coils
Factory style brackets included
Direct-fit upgraded for 2015-2018 GT, EcoBoost and V6 Mustangs

Note:It is recommended to use Pedders Adjustable Camber Plates to help properly dial in your Camber after installation. They are designed specifically to be used with this Coil Over Kit.