Procharger - 86-93 Mustang 5.0L Stage II Intercooled System w/ D1SC (12 Rib) - 1FA324-D1SC-12R

  • $ 6,838.00

ProCharger introduced the industry’s first intercooled supercharger system, running 9 psi, nearly five years before anyone else and to this day, is still the only company that offers air-to-air intercooling as an integrated solution rather than an afterthought. If you try to supercharge a 5.0L engine without an intercooler, you simply can’t run much boost without substantial exposure to detonation and engine damage. However, because intercooling removes the heat that causes detonation, you can safely run more engine-friendly air-to-air intercooled boost with full timing and complete peace of mind. And with air-to-air intercooling, there is no need for band-aids such as ignition retard, over-rich fuel injectors or ice water. Intercooling is simply the fundamental solution for reliable high performance, because it substantially improves both engine reliability and performance.

Building a modified Windsor engine for your Mustang? An intercooled ProCharger supports the highest boost (20+ psi) and power levels in the industry. Give ProCharger or your local dealer a call to learn more.

  • Factory AC and power steering required
  • GT models can use either vertical or horizontal intercooler mounting; horizontal or Twin High Flow mounting recommended for LX models; vertical mounting possible with modifications; vertical mounting or twin high flow recommended for all lowered vehicles
  • Inner fender mods may be required
  • Speed density models (most 86-88) MAF conversion is recommended (not supplied)