Procharger - 2003-2004 Cobra Stage II Tuner Kit w/ F-1A (6 rib drive) (1FM203-SC)

  • $ 6,037.00

The Largest Power Gains Available on Pump Gas and Racing Fuel

  • Supports up to 620RWHP
  • 10-20 PSI
  • Includes self-contained F-1A Procharger with compound bearing design- Supercharger capable of 900+ horsepower
  • Includes Race Bypass Valve
  • Tuner Kit; no programming, fuel system or injectors supplied
  • Above 15 psi requires aftermarket MAF sensor (not included)
  • Sheet Metal Intake
  • Utilizes factory Ford Intercooler
  • Comes as a Complete kit with Mounting Brackets, Hardware and Hoses
  • 1 year supercharger warranty

  • ProCharger supercharger systems are produced from the finest materials available. All castings are poured from "virgin" 356 aluminum alloy and heat-treated to a T-6 hardness before CNC machining. ATI's exclusive billet impellers are machined from 7075 T-6 aircraft aluminum, while the super precision bearings used in all ProCharger models are made in the USA, and are of a consistently higher quality and speed/load rating than those used by any of our competitors. In fact, ProCharger superchargers are so reliable that they are used as standard equipment by many leading boat manufacturers in the extremely demanding marine environment. ATI is the only centrifugal supercharger which can be ordered as OEM equipment from any performance boat manufacturer.