Procharger - 2010-2015 Camaro SS Stage II Intercooled TUNER Kit w/ i-1 (1GT303-SCI )

  • $ 8,648.00


"The next evolution of the supercharger is here and waiting to be bolted into your Camaro, but only if you call ProCharger." – Stacey David, GearZ TV 

"ProCharger has stepped up to the plate to create a product that’s undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary designs available in the aftermarket." – LSX TV 

"ProCharger is changing the game with their i-1 variable ratio supercharger." –, April 2013 

"You know you’re living in the 21st Century when ProCharger releases a touchscreen controlled, dry hybrid drive, programmable ratio supercharger that can make upwards of 850 hp and bolt-on to a variety of LS engines with ease. Programmable ratio means you can literally dial in the boost curve as you desire and can make boost adjustments on the fly using the digital touchscreen. Dropping your Camaro off with the valet? Turn the boost down to 1psi … Dropping it off at the track to get some killer times? Set it on kill, bring in the boost early, and get ready to hold on. Along with the new goodies, you’ll get everything in the kit you’re used to from ProCharger, which makes for a simple install and years of worry free driving." - Camaro Now, March 2013 

"ProCharger has really taken supercharging to the next level.” - Chevy High Performance 

" The i-1 completely changes the way the market will be looking at centrifugal superchargers forever, from a company that has brought many firsts to their market segement." – LSX TV