Procharger 86-93 Mustang 5.0L High Output Kit Field Upgrade (Converts Non-Intercooled to Intercooled)

Procharger 86-93 Mustang 5.0L High Output Kit Field Upgrade (Converts Non-Intercooled to Intercooled)

  • $ 1,178.00


When coupled with an intercooler it becomes a power multiplier! Among the many benefits of an intercooler is its ability to be purchased upfront or added to your ProCharger in the future. Using an intercooler allows you to generate even greater power gains without increasing octane levels. While a centrifugal supercharger’s reduced discharge temperatures allow it to outperform a roots super-charger, coupling it with an intercooler makes the effect even more pronounced. Anytime a gas (air in this case) is compressed, its temperature will rise (Boyle’s gas law). Remember, a high performance engine’s greatest enemy is detonation, a byproduct of excessive combustion temperatures. Adding an intercooler to your engine removes detonation inducing heat from the combustion air charge and further increases its density, thereby allowing you to get more air into the cylinder. Adding an intercooler alone will reduce boost levels (as will increasing displacement or improving the engine’s ability to flow air) while increasing hp. Boost is simply a measure of the engine’s inability to accept the air being forced into it: more pressure = more resistance. Looking at boost levels alone won’t tell the whole story. While boost usually gets all of the credit, it is actually the resultant increase in air density that is responsible for the increase in power. Yet another benefit of intercooling is that the reduced air temperatures allow the use of more spark advance, allowing you to extract more power from your engine. With a blower alone, a 350 hp, 9:1 compression ratio engine can be quickly turned into a 540 hp engine running 10 psi of non-intercooled boost on pump gas with a ProCharger. Add an intercooler to that same engine, turn the boost up to 14-16 psi and you’ll make 700 hp without sacrificing reliability, while still running 91-93 octane pump gas! Made and serviced in the USA.


  • Factory AC and power steering required
  • GT models can use either vertical or horizontal intercooler mounting; horizontal or Twin High Flow mounting recommended for LX models; vertical mounting possible with modifications; vertical mounting or twin high flow recommended for all lowered vehicles
  • Speed density models (most 86-88) MAF conversion is recommended (not supplied)

    Fits: 1986-1993 Mustang 5.0L