RAM - (2011-2017 Mustang GT/BOSS 302) Clutch 50-2230N Concept 10.5 Dual Disc Clutch Kit - Metallic

  • $ 1,129.00

RAM’s Concept 10.5 clutch system bolts to your existing flat steel or aluminum flywheel. 10.5 pressure plate has a higher clampload than other modular units plus a larger disc surface areas are better able dissipate heat and handle load. Smooth engagement and light pedal effort, with strapped floater plate for quiet operation. 

RAM introduces a modular dual disc system with performance improvements! A higher clampload 10.5 inch pressure plate offers smooth pedal effort and more surface area to dissipate heat. The Poly-coil sprung hub top disc allows for dampening on engagement to eliminate harsh starts and transmission fatigue. Billet modular ring is precision machined to eliminate distortion and provide a stable platform to house the clutch unit. No adjustments necessary! The Concept 10.5 dual disc will fit most any flat flywheel and offers better performance at a competitive price!