RAM - Pro Street Dual Disc Clutch w/ 8 Bolt Aluminum Flywheel - 23 Spline (2011-2018 Mustang GT / 2012-2013 Boss 302)

  • $ 1,899.00

Features & Details
Dual Disc Clutch System
Diaphragm Design
Includes Aluminum Flywheel with Billet Steel Pressure Ring
High Finger Angle for Easier High-RPM Shifting
Features Low Profile Cover Design
Uses a Rigid Strap-Driven Floater Plate for Less Noise
Comes with 23-Spline, 10.5 in. Diameter Disc
2500 lbs. Pressure Load
Supports Up to 800 HP 
Built for Street Use
Fits 2011-2018 Mustang GT Models

Pro Street Application. This RAM Pro Street Dual Disc Clutch comes with steel-backed RAM 300 series friction discs in a spring hub assembly. It allows it to efficiently absorb the force from the clutch's initial engagement and provides a horsepower capacity of around 800 at the rear wheels. Meanwhile, the billet steel pressure ring and bolt-in diaphragm spring combine to provide smoother overall operation and more convenient maintenance. All these make for a high-performance clutch system that's also great for everyday road use. 

Strap-Driven Design. For a smoother driving experience, this 10.5 in. diameter clutch system from RAM uses a strap-driven floater plate that's designed specifically for the Mustang GT. This design lessens the amount of rattling from the floater plate that's common in stand-driven multi-disc clutches, resulting in reduced noise. 

Comes with Aluminum Flywheel. The Pro Street Dual Disc Clutch comes with a surface-ground aluminum flywheel. Aside from weighing less than a conventional flywheel, it also has a more instant response. The result is faster acceleration and deceleration, as well as a lower amount of wheelspin. 

Application. The 23 spline RAM Pro Street Dual Disc Clutch with 8 Bolt Aluminum Flywheel designed to be used on the 2011-2018 Mustang GTs.