Reische Performance - FORD-50 GEN-2 170° Performance Thermostat

  • $ 64.00

The 2nd generation Ford-50 thermostat is made with the same exact components as your OEM unit, including a rubberized diaphragm, and is only available from Reische Performance. It's a direct-fit unit with proper bypass control so you're guaranteed maximum efficiency from your cooling system. No Chinese knock-offs here, this is the highest quality unit currently available for this application. 100% made in USA.

This thermostat will provide the best possible heat dissipation from your setup and even deliver better overall performance than our competitor's 160° thermostats. Reische believes the 170° opening temp is the ideal balance for high performance engines, providing high flow to your radiator by mid-180 temps while still providing good all season performance. With proper fan settings your coolant temps in cool weather will be in the 170s and in hot weather the 180s, giving those running high levels of timing and/or boost added protection against engine-damaging detonation as well as maximum hp.

All Reische Performance thermostats ship with a new O-ring and are backed by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

2011-2018 Mustang & Shelby GT350 3.7/5.0/5.2L
2011-2018 F150 Truck 2.7/3.5/3.7/5.0L
2015-2018 Edge/MKX 2.7L
2015-2018 Expedition/Navigator 3.5L
2017-2018 Fusion 2.7L
2017-2018 MKZ 3.0L

Ideally the fan settings in your tune should be lowered to see the best possible heat dissipation from your cooling system. Otherwise a low temp thermostat will only be effective when the vehicle is moving because heat cannot be removed unless there is air passing through the radiator. However, there is not a handheld programmer available at this time capable of modifying fan settings in most of the new Ford engine management systems. The fan speed tables will need to be adjusted through a custom tune (available from most of our vendors) or via tuning software. These new systems estimate coolant temps based on readings from a dry head temp sensor. However these ‘inferred’ ECT values can be more volatile and vary from vehicle to vehicle. For example Mustangs typically read around 8-10° hotter whereas an F150 may read closer to actual coolant temps. This means that a vehicle using our 170° thermostat could see ECT anywhere between 165-205°, depending upon conditions and fan settings. We rely on your feedback, so please let us know if you become aware of any new developments in managing the fan settings for these applications.

Vehicle: 2013 F150 EcoBoost 3.5L - Ford-50 Gen2 - Mileage: 31090 - Test Date: Aug 27, 2016
Conditions: Engine @ operating temp, AC on/cooling fan med, ambient temps 91-94°
Sustained idle: ECT 180°
60mph cruise: ECT 177°, IAT 95°
Highest logged: ECT 187°
Lowest logged: ECT 167°
Vehicle: 2012 Mustang 5.0L - Ford-50 Gen2 - Full bolt-on mods - Test Date: Aug 26, 2016
Conditions: Engine @ operating temp, AC on/cooling fan med, ambient temps 88-93°
Sustained idle: ECT 189°, ACT 122°
60mph cruise: ECT 183°, ACT 100°
Highest logged: ECT 189°
Lowest logged: ECT 181°

Posted by ifly680g on 12/02/2015:

"I just switch out the 160 Even Flo for a 170 Reische and wow what a difference... ...I don't think the hot water test in a pot has any thing to do with how they work in the Mustang as my temps were significantly lower with the Reische 170 then the Even Flo 160.
Even Flo I was seeing ECT temps of 199 all the time and CHT temps of 205-215 actually saw 218 once. Reische 170 so far the highest I saw was ECT temps of 180 mostly 178 during my drive, CHT temps were 185-187 max. Temp outside was 33 today but I have drove the car in snow with temps in the 30's with the 160 T Stat and still saw the temps as described above. The coolant temps were as reported my NGauge and the CHT was reported in the ford Gauges menu."