Roush - (2010) Mustang GT Dual Belt Phase 2 Supercharger Kit

  • $ 7,299.99

This Mustang Supercharger is a Dual Belt Phase 2 kit that brings total power at the flywheel to a whopping 550 hp and 500 lb-ft. Below is the list of included components:

  • TVS2300 ROUSHcharger®
  • 90mm bolt-on pulley
  • ROUSH R2300 Phase 2 Calibration
  • ROUSH induction system
  • Intercooler
  • GT500 fuel system upgrade
  • Fuel charging assembly
  • Wiring

This 2010 Mustang Supercharger is part of an cutting edge line of Mustang Supercharger Kits from ROUSH that allow for the upgrading of systems over time. One of the key features to this line is that you can convert your system to a higher power level (or phase) with upgrade kits that use many of the same components that you already had with a lower Phase kit. One example of this is the bolt-on pulley. With older R2300 kits, the pulleys were pressed on, which made switching them out quite difficult. Now, new ratio pulleys can be put in place quickly and easily.

Another exciting feature to this supercharger line is the option of FEADs, either single or dual belt. The single belt FEAD offers a lower price point, whereas the dual belt system provides a more robust ability to handle high levels of horsepower. The stability of the dual belt FEAD comes from the fact that the instead of having one long belt, the FEAD is driven with two relatively shorter belts. That means that there is less potential for belt stretch and the force the FEAD is spread out over two separate belts. This system has this more robust FEAD belt option (dual).

The Dual Belt Phase 2 2010 Mustang Supercharger is protected by the standard ROUSH parts and accessories warranty, which is for 90-days from retail purchase date on ROUSH components only not including labor.

  • Mustang Supercharger
  • Delivers 550 hp / 500 lb-ft total power at flywheel
  • Dual Belt FEAD Phase 2 2010 Mustang Supercharger
  • 2010 Ford Mustang GT engine (4.6L 3V V8)
  • 90mm pulley
  • GT500 fuel system included to supply fuel needed at higher horsepower
  • ROUSH® PCM cal included
  • Bolt-on pulley allows for quick and easy switch-out
  • Not C.A.R.B. approved -- not for sale in California or other EO "green" states
  • Requires manual transmission