Steeda Mustang Tri-Ax Shifter Handle (1979-2004)

Steeda Mustang Tri-Ax Shifter Handle (1979-2004)

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The Steeda Tri-Ax stick shift handle combines the quick shifts of a short handle shifter lever with an easy to reach, ergonomic design. The exclusive three axis bend positions your hand perfectly, for short, precise, and comfortable shifts. (You won't have to bend over to reach 5th gear like you do with those other handles)..

As a result of Steeda's never ending search to provide the very best performance parts, all Tri-Ax manual transmission handles are now Forged from high strength aluminum alloy. The new forging features a tapered thread boss and military spec radius-root threads to increase strength by over 70%. This high-strength light weight design reduces inertia, for quicker and more precise shifts than are possible with bulky steel handles.

The Tri-Ax handle fits the stock 5 speed T-5 & T-56 shifter as well as many other popular shifters, and is standard equipment on Steeda's complete Tri-Ax billet shifter assemblies for 1979-2004 stick shift Fox body, SN95, and New Edge Ford Mustangs.

US Patent 449,809

Product Benefits
  • Ergonomic design
  • Short, precise, comfortable shifts
  • HIgh strength forged alloy offers long lasting durability