The Driveshaft Shop - FORD (2011-14) Mustang GT and BOSS 302 6-Speed Manual and Automatic 1-Piece Shaft with CV 900HP 3-1/4 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

  • $ 1,312.00

Quick Overview

The Driveshaft Shop proudly introduces the new Mustang 3.25” 1-Piece Carbon Fiber CV Shafts

1.1350 front u-joint with flange to mount up to the transmission
2. 3.250 High Modulus Carbon fiber tube with New DSS bond method. The Tube is smaller that others offered so there will be no clearance or heat issues.
3. New version 300M Spline for the CV mount that is stronger than the rest of the shaft
4. Custom modified High Speed 108mm CV with special boot and grease.
5. Custom conversion plate (corrosion plated) to change from the stock Ford CV to our 108mm version
6. All Hardware included
7. 1 Year Warranty
8. 900HP Rated
9. Balanced on one of the most sophisticated balancing machines in the industry.
10. with the CV in the rear there is no need to change pinion angle on lowered cars. 
11. Carbon shaft will be about 1-2lbs lighter than the Aluminum shafts but are much more torsional and will reduce noise in the cabin.

1 year warranty

Modification Notes:

No pinion angle adjustment is necessary when using a Driveshaft Shop driveshaft and we strongly discourage it. If you have aftermarket relocation brackets, adjustable control arms or other custom suspension components that change the pinion angle it also affects the actual length of the opening and will cause an issue with our shaft, The adjustable parts are only needed if the shaft your installing has a u-joint so please do not install something if not needed (DSS is a CV) the CV gap must be checked even more carefully after installation if you have changed any of these items. Damage to the driveshaft caused by aftermarket parts which caused the pinion angle to change cannot be covered under warranty.

For the last 6 years we have been chasing an elusive thing, we have been trying to make a driveshaft for the new Mustang (S197) that is not only the strongest shaft out there, but also the most stable shaft when it comes to dealing with the harmonic vibrations that these cars are plagued with. In our opinion