The Original Pimp Juice Traction Formula

  • $ 59.95

Pimp Juice is finally back!  After a 10 year hiatus and countless hours of research and development, we've finally unlocked all the secrets to the traction formula and we're now bringing it back to the streets.  There is not a re-branded formulation, unlike many of the brands that are currently being sold today. We have taken the time and $$$ to precisely measure the correct amounts of solvents and polymers so that we could say with honesty, we own the entire formula from the ground up. It's entirely proprietary to us. 

And remember....”If yo tires are slippin' then you ain't pimpin!”

Shipping: Pimp Juice ships through UPS Ground Only, ships One Gallon at a time, and has to be ordered independently from other merchandise. Select UPS Ground as your shipping option at checkout.


1. Grip the bottle with your pimp hand and SHAKE WELL
2. Pour out this stick a** sh*t in front of rear tires.
3. Roll up on the sticky icky and do a “Hot Box Cloud” burnout
4. Remember, its yo duty to stick that booty!
5. This is some sticky ass sh*t! So make sure it doesn’t get stuck on anything that you don’t want it to.