V3R Wicker Bill Rear Spoiler Add-On; Textured Black

  • $ 199.00

Dynamic Rear Spoiler Facelift. Give your Mustang’s rear end a brand new look with the V3R Wicker Bill Rear Spoiler Add-On; Textured Black. This wicker bill spoiler add-on’s unique 2-piece design gives your rear end a sporty performance-inspired look. Additionally, its ABS-plastic construction won’t add any significant weight to your vehicle so it will continue to perform as it always does.

Added Functionality. A wicker bill works by extending the coverage of a spoiler thus adding downforce. On your Mustang, this wicker bill spoiler add-on does the same thing. By adding this component to your spoiler set-up, you provide your vehicle extra downforce, giving you a bit more stability particularly when cornering.

Brawny Build Quality. This rear spoiler add-on is precision-cut from high-grade ABS-plastic, making it exceptionally resistant to deterioration while being extremely light in weight. Additionally, this component is made to exact specifications, ensuring a tight fit when installed. Likewise, the center section is precision-cut from transparent plastic for a striking appearance. Lastly, this wicker bill comes in a textured black finish, creating a stylish contrasting look.

No-Frills Installation. This rear spoiler add-on mounts onto your vehicle’s rear spoiler using the included hardware. Minor drilling will be needed to properly mount the component onto the spoiler.

Application. The V3R Wicker Bill Rear Spoiler Add-On; Textured Black fits all 2015-2020 Ford Mustang models.