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Introducing The New VMP TRIPLE Pass-Dual Fan Heat Exchanger. Three times the cooling exposure andan even BIGGER pair of 11 inch fans to help you maintain maximum performance!
For 07-14 Shelby GT500, 11-18 GT 5.0L, and 05-10 GT 4.6L

NOTE: 3X tank does NOT fit 2013-14 GT500

All new! The VMP Heat Exchanger incorporates dual 11" fans and a 13" tall core, the largest in the industry. Plus, TRIPLE PASS TECHNOLOGY! This is the ultimate cooling solution at the most affordable price.
We developed this heat exchanger to deal with the rigors of driving our VMP TVS Supercharged Boss 302 Mustang on the road course. Through track and dyno testing we have found that our heat-exchanger keeps temps low enough to maintaining consistent power output even during a 20 minute high-speed on-track session on a brutal 90F Florida day. We stuffed the largest core possible under the stock bumper. Dual-fans help keep air moving over the core at low speeds, stoplights, and in the staging lanes. Fans are an essential part of making a larger heat exchanger work. Three passes of the water through this huge core lowers temperatures as much as possible. 

When increasing boost above 15psi on your 07-12 GT500 this is an essential upgrade. 

The 2013-2014 GT500 features the best cooling system to ever come from the factory in a Shelby, but lacks fans for low speed cooling on the street and strip. In a drag race situation where you are sitting in the staging lanes between runs the intercooler fluid just becomes more and more heat soaked. By running the pump and fans between runs you can easily see .2-.3 drop in ET. Our triple pass design also provides lower IATs than the OE unit.

Your supercharged 5.0L will perform much better with cooler intake temps, this is especially critical on the high compression Coyote and Roadrunner 5.0L engines when running 10psi or more of boost.

Lower intake temps allow for more timing and more power, the dual fan design keeps air moving at all times for the lowest possible temperature in any situation.

We decided to move the intercooler pump out of the grill to get more airflow to the radiator. Intercooler pump mounting bracket included. 13-14 Shelby GT500 already have a different pump mounting.

Heat exchanger is 13.25" tall, 28" wide, and 2" thick. Measurements do not include fans, mounting brackets or inlet/outlet.


VMP Heat exchanger with twin 11" Spal fans
Sealed Dual Relay/Sealed Dual Fuse wiring harness - Plug and Play for your application (select when ordering)
Mouting hardware for heat exchanger
Mounting bracket for intercooler pump (excluding 13-14 GT500)

Features of the VMP Heat Exchanger:
  • Fits 2007-2014 Shelby GT500
  • Fits 2011-2018 Mustang GT 5.0L with positive-displacement supercharger
  • Fits 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6L with positive-displacement supercharger
  • Standard on the VMP TVS Stage 2 for the 5.0L Mustang
  • Works with Whipple, Kenne Bell, Roush, Magnuson, Edelbrock superchargers
  • Works with air-water intercoolers on Vortech centrifugal superchargers
  • High efficient triple pass design cools the water three times for lower temps vs. OEM single pass
  • Increased HP due to intake temperature drop compared to stock
  • Plug and play harness connects inline with the intercooler pump circuit to trigger fan relays
  • Drop in intake temp at wide open throttle due to the improved capacity
  • Cool-down in the staging lanes possible by running fans and pump
  • Quicker cool down in between runs at the track
  • Helps prevent heat soak and detonation due to increased intake temps
  • Moves the intercooler pump out of the grill for improved airflow
  • Simple do-it-yourself bolt on installation
  • Increases coolant capacity
  • Stock 07-10 GT500 holds 1 gallon, our HE and 3x reservoir nearly doubles this
  • Furnace brazed core (no epoxies) with beautifully tig welded tank construction
  • Dual 11" fans provide the ultimate in airflow at all vehicle speeds
  • Each unit is pressure-tested before it is shipped.
07-09 GT500: the radiator side shields should be pushed to the side. We recommend flipping the "wings" around and clipping them to the inside of the bumper cover to help airflow into the heat exchanger. The power steering cooler is a tight fit but will sit behind the fans of the HE.
2010 GT500: this year only has a larger finned power steering cooler, it should be pushed out of the way and mounted above the HE.
11-12 GT500 the VMP HE is a direct drop in, no power steering cooler to get in the way on 11+
11-12 5.0L require trimming of the lower bumper valance to make room for this huge heat exchanger.
13-18 5.0L the VMP HE is a direct drop in due to this bumper being much larger like the GT500
13-14 GT500 the VMP HE is a direct drop in on regular and track-pak cars, minor trimming of the plastic shields above the HE is required.

*In 2014 the VMP HE became a triple pass design, water goes in the driver side, and out the passenger side, Afco and older VMP models were a double pass design and thus had a different hose routing.
*For all models (except 13-14 GT500) the intercooler pump is mounted below the drivers side headlight with the supplied "Z bracket"

FLUID NOTE: STOCK 07-12 GT500s hold 4.0qt of fluid. Add 2qt for VMP 3x tank. Add approx 1.5qt for VMP Triple Pass. If you're replacing all the fluid, you should have 8qts available. You may not use it all, but it will be close.