Whipple - 2001 – 2004 Ford Lightning W175AX (2.9L) SC Competition Kit - WK-2005T

  • $ 4,794.00


If your craving more power from your Lightning or Harley truck, Whipple has the answer. Get the industries most efficient and latest designed twin-screw supercharger. The new Whipple system can produce incredible power levels with stock 5.4L Lightning engines as well as highly modified engines. The revolutionary new W175ax Gen 4 compressor has the ability to run nearly 30psi of boost (engine modifications required) for unheralded performance.

This direct bolt-on replacement system dramatically lowers supercharger air temperatures and power consumption (hp) versus the factory Eaton roots-type supercharger. The bolt-on system comes with all the necessary parts for 12lbs of boost including, large mouth inlet casting, high-flow cold-air intake system with massive S&B True Flow 9” filter and all as the necessary parts for a simple installation. The Whipple system accommodates both factory and aftermarket throttle bodies and there’s no need to clearance the firewall or hood in anyway.  Using a clean sheet design, Whipple used the rear axial entry design vs the factory axial/radial version that sacrificed drastic performance. The Whipple axial entry reaches nearly 99% VE during its operation, significantly outperforming the stock supercharger.

Other companies make false claims and inaccurate judgments regarding supercharger efficiency and kits. It’s a simple fact that the Whipple Supercharger produces more air per rpm at lower temps and lower parasitic losses.

  • Up to 255HP gain on Lightning engines. More available with high performance engine modifications.
  • Largest displacement screw compressor available for Lightning’s and Harley’s.
  • More air flow at lower compressor speeds when compared to competition
  • 175ci axial entry Whipple Twin screw supercharger
  • Axial supercharger case entry offers nearly 10% higher efficiency than radial entry compressors
  • Superior performance to ALL other superchargers on the market
  • No "boost lag" as with centrifugals and turbos
  • Boost range 8 – 30psi
  • Billet oversized bypass valve
  • Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in pan required