Whipple - (2007-2014) Shelby GT500 Crusher W275AX (4.5L) SC "Upgrade" Kit / 18-19psi / Black

  • $ 6,149.99

Stage 1 Kit - 4.5L Supercharger Kit Only

Introducing the largest and most powerful twin screw supercharger system available for the 07-2014 GT500. The Whipple 4.5L Super Crusher kit is the same exact supercharger system used the Lethal Performance 2013 GT500.  In fact Lethal Performance was the first to ever run the 4.5L on a production GT500.

The 4.5L as far as fitment goes will fit under the stock hood with the use of the same engine lowering kit that's used to fit the 3.4L on the GT500.

Its highly recommended to have a built motor and supporting fuel system to be able to properly handle the power that this blower is capable of.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Superior noise level in comparison to previous design, virtually noise free operation.
  • High flow rotor coating for increased efficiency and increased durability.
  • Increased bearing lubrication for lower operating temps and increased durability.
  • Serviceable supercharger, replaceable and upgradeable component design.
  • More robust design, double angular front bearing and sealed roller rear bearing for improved reliability.
  • Oil sight glass for proper oil level inspection.
  • 100,000 mile oil change intervals.