Whipple Superchargers Cobra Jet 150mm Cold Air Intake System (2015-2020 Mustang GT Gen 5 Whipple w/132mm Throttle Body) - WCA-S550BIGAIR-132

  • $ 500.00

For use with the 132mm Throttle Body

The wait is over!! The all new 150mm Cobra Jet Cold Air Intake system for the 2015-2019 Mustang GT's using the Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger is now available. This system comes complete with the air intake tube, 150mm MAF housing, High Flow air filter and all necessary clamps and couplers.

The Cobra Jet 150mm Intake System from Whipple is designed to work with the Whipple 150mm and 132mm throttle body and does require some modification to fit properly on non Cobra Jet cars. Specifically the tube slightly interferes with the vehicles horns and intercooler hoses. For those using aftermarket trunk mount ice tanks intercooler hose interference isn't as much of an issue as if you use this intake with the standard Whipple intercooler hose setup.

This system was designed to flow as much air as possible and prevent any type of inlet restriction.

150mm Intake Features150mm Cold Air Intake Tube
150mm MAF Housing
High Flow Air Filter
Includes Couplers and Hose Clamps Needed for Installation

Will work with Gen 3-5 Whipple 132mm and 150mm Throttle Bodies
Slight clearance issues with the vehicles horns and standard Whipple Intercooler Hose Routing